Skilled Women

“When you teach a man, you teach a person. But when you teach a woman, you teach a generation” Lee Tyrell

The Skilled Women Program is a project initiated by CWB and in partnership with Bayan University that gives women access to free education and employment opportunity upon the completion of the course. 


The project is mainly designed for widowed women who wish to pursue higher education, however they are unable to do so due to poverty. Through this project, CWB’s goal is to empower widows and their children to take steps toward self-sufficiency through education program and become employable.
According to the statistics of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor, Martyrs and Disabled, there are 70,000 widows who are breadwinners of their household, working long hours and barely making ends meet. The study also shows that 94 percent of widows are illiterate. 
The project offers the following short-term courses at Bayan University which is a one-year certificate program: 

•    Computer Program
•    English Classes
•    Graphic Program
•    Accounting
•    Literacy program


The cost of each course is $250.00 per person. Bayan University along with CWB will ensure the graduates find employment upon graduation. With ONLY $250.00 CDN, a woman can have a CAREER, a family will have a guaranteed income and a NATION can have more stability. 
Registration will be open as of August 1, 2018 and the courses will begin on September 8, 2018. 

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