Mursal Rahmani


Mursal Rahmani, is one of the youngest children of CWB to date. She is six years old and was born to a low-income family who could barely provide for themselves, let alone their four children. Mursal’s father operates a taxi but he has to pay a daily rent of 500 rupees for the vehicle. His daily income is roughly 150 rupees after paying the rental fees, which is equivalent to $3.00 Canadian dollars to feed his family of six.


To help feed the rest of the family, Mursal along with her older brother, Naweed, sell boiled eggs on the street outside of the University of Kabul. They work for roughly 4-5 hours a day earning 40-50 Afghan rupees, on a good day. On days where she cannot sell eggs either due to university being off or weather condition, Mursal and Naweed would sell plastic bags instead of boiled eggs, also for about 40-40 Afghan rupees a day.morsal


Watching student walk and out of the University of Kabul, Mursal always wondered what going to school would be like. She often asked her parent, “What can’t I attend school as well? Why don’t I have a school bag?” and her parents would respond “One day, you will”


You can make a difference in Mursal’s life. Your sponsorship and generosity can provide Mursal an education that she desperate wants. 

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