In February 2018, CWB learned the story of Medina, a widowed and illiterate woman, who always dreamt of seeing her children, Kameena 14 years-old and Enayat 12 years-old, in school attire. After losing her husband in a suicide attack, Medina worked tirelessly to turn her dream into a reality, however, her dreams shattered shortly after as she became ill herself. Seeing her mother is lying in bed, both Kameena and Enayat felt helpless and started looking for jobs to bring some sort of meal to their table.

At the age of 9, Enayat started picking up plastic bags from the streets of Kabul in order to resale them. The most Enayat has made in a day is 100 Afghani. From time to time, Kameela sells water at cemeteries to make ends meet.


Upon learning this family’s unfortunate story, CWB sponsored Medina’s family as of March 1, 2018. Both Kameela and Enayat have been registered at Guzargah Public School and will be commencing school as for March 21, 2018, beginning of the school year in Afghanistan.


Although CWB has sponsored this family temporarily, however, we are in search of finding the family a long-term sponsor. You can make this widowed and ill mother’s dream come true with a small monthly or a one-time donation.

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