On February 21, 2018, as CWB’s representative, Atta, was on his way to drop off the monthly sponsorship of some families sponsored by CWB, he came across a young and hardworking individual named Milad Noor Agha, 12 years-old. Atta remembered seeing Milad in summer of 2017 where he was trying so hard to sell him grilled corn. This time, Milad was running from one person to another to convince them of buying burgers from him. Atta could not help but to stop and ask Milad how long has he been doing it for. Upon asking him a few questions, Atta learned that Milad comes from a family of nine. After his father became paralyzed, Milad and his 16-year-old brother, Roheed, were forced to quit school and become the breadwinners of their family. Both Milad and Roheed have been working countless hours to provide food for their family members. During summer, Milad sells corn as well as selling burgers at a fast food restaurant. However, during fall/winter, Milad only works at the restaurant selling a burger. Both Milad and Roheed have one desire and that is to be back in school with other children of their age.

Milad and Roheed were both robbed of their childhood. Instead they are fulfilling the responsibilities of their parents, however, they miss going to school, having friends of their age, and most importantly not having to worry about their provisions for the day. This is not the life their parents had envisioned for them, however, YOU could be the one giving Roheed and Milad their childhood back, giving them a backpack and lifting responsibilities off their shoulders.

Milad was sponsored by CWB as of March 1, 2018, and successfully put back in school, however, this family needs a long-term donor who can sponsor them for a minimum of one year. Help us help this family and make life a bit less stressful for them


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