How is a young and ambitious boy forced into child labor? Here is Mansour’s story:


Mansour is a 12-year-old boy, living in Kabul Afghanistan, along with his family. Mansour is a young child laborer who is working tirelessly in the streets of Kabul as a cart carrier. At a very young age, Mansour was pressured into becoming the breadwinner of his household and to be a father figure for his siblings. Mansour’s innocent childhood was taken away from him when his father died of cancer, leaving behind a loan of $1400.00 US and family of 9. As the eldest child of the family, Mansour was expected to take on the responsibility of his family. He takes his responsibilities at its finest, by ensuring to meet his family’s needs and securing the future of his four sisters to get a proper education. However, Mansour’s responsibilities cost him his desire of being able to attend school again.


Mansour was fortunate enough that CWB put him back in school as of November 1, 2017, through the generous contribution of Rob and Sandy Rowe, however, you can make the shattered dream of children like Mansour come true, by donating an amount that’s flexible to your budget.


Children Without Border, Registered Non-Profit Organization. 2019