Mohammad Esa was forced to become the breadwinner of his family at the age 8 years-old. Here is his story:


Mohammad Esa, the second eldest child, was born in 2007 to a poor family. His family consisted of his parents, an older brother, and two younger sisters. Esa and his family live in Polkhumri, Baghlan. Esa’s father was the sole provider for the family, working a physical job. In 2013 his father was diagnosed with liver cancer and as a result, he was bedridden. With his father’s passing in 2015, Esa was forced to quit school and provide for his surviving mother and three siblings. At the age 8, he started working at an ice-cream shop during summer and in winter he would push carts. In Afghanistan, job training is not provided or mandatory. On his second day at work pushing carts and due to the lack of training at work, Esa’s thumb got caught in the cart and as a result, he lost his thumb.


Currently, Esa works at the ice cream shop where he is making 160 – 180 Afghani rupees which is equivalent to $2.04 per day.


Esa’s mother’s only hope is for her children to complete their education and become educated members of the community.


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