Imagine a five-year-old child’s world turning upside down when an inhuman act takes his father’s life. He is left alone and without a fate and forced into child labor.


And that’s what happened to the 5-year-old, Biall (Rameen) Jawedi.

Bilal (Rameen) Jawedi, is the youngest child sponsored by CWB thus far. Bilal’s father, Rabi Jawedi, who was the sole provider of his household was killed in the brutal suicide attack that took place on January 31, 2018. Rabi left behind a young wife, two sons aged 5 yrs-old and 4 month-old. As the elder child, Bilal was expected to attend their family-run shop that was left from his father in order to assist his old aged grandfather. From the first second that CWB learned about this family’s tragic story, CWB took on Bilal’s sponsorship immediately.


Bilal has been successfully sponsored for one year by one of Toronto’s generous community leader, Mr. Aziz Amiri. Bilal has been enrolled at Azmoon Private School. He will be starting JK as of March 21, 2018.

Bilal was lucky enough to have found a long-term sponsor, however, there are so many other children like Bilal whose world has turned upside down, and do not have anything to look forward to. You can give a child like Bilal a new beginning, a new life and something to look forward to by donating an amount that’s flexible to your budget.  

As Mr. Amiri has said:


“I have said it many times and I’m saying it once more that Nooria Kamran Jan is whom we should be grateful and say thank you that brings these opportunities for us to do our part in contributing towards noble causes including sponsoring Rabi family. Coincidently my own son name is Belal Amiri Jan and the kid whom we sponsored also named Belal. We can feel how would it feel if it was my own Belal!!!



Children Without Border, Registered Non-Profit Organization. 2019